Made in France

In Bloumm, we are very proud to offer you cushions Made In France on almost the entire range. One color has escaped us: Ecru vintage (yet). Our cushions begin their lives in the beautiful hills of the Vosges where they are sewn with passion and know-how. Looking for a little heat and madness, they eventually end up in our workshop in Lyon, capital of the Gauls. They then spend a while in our textile printer so they can make life and color with our designs. They are then delivered directly to you by your friendly postman cycling.

Made in France - Bloumm

Our designs

You can say, our creativity is virtually limitless ... So we invite you to come to the site regularly to discover our many models or just join our official Facebook page in order to enjoy our photos. Seriously, each cushion is conceived and designed for an event, a person, sofa ... so if you do not find what you need from our designs, the contact form is here to email us with your ideas or comments.

Design - Bloumm

Our quality

Our only concern is your satisfaction. For this, we performed tests on our pillows with dogs, babies, children, adults ... For printing designs that are used ink Oeko-Tex® Standard 1002 (Very chic even we put the certificate in the Bloumm office). This simply means that the ink is safe for you, us and our friend nature.

Qualité - Bloumm